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Kansas City, Missouri

Witness relocation funds.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police say it’s not often people are jumping at the opportunity to come forward after witnessing a crime. That’s why there’s been a recent push for victim and witness relocation.

Reducing Crime

As violence continues to claim a mounting number of lives, including seven people in a span of three days over the Memorial Day weekend, the Kansas City Police Department’s chief is touting a citywide plan to reduce crime.

Money to protect witnesses.

State funds to protect witnesses, whose hesitancy or resistance to cooperation has long been a barrier in violent crime investigations, can be slow to come by in Kansas City, local officials say.

Job training and child care.

As Kansas City continues to grapple with high rates of homicides and gun violence, a new city program aims to intervene — and interrupt — incidents of violence before they happen.

Leaders tout new plan.

Melesa Johnson, deputy chief of staff for Mayor Quinton Lucas, leads Partners for Peace.

Reducing Crime

It was boots on the ground walking through a south Kansas City, Missouri, neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon, but not for enforcement.

8 Kansas City homicides

Violence has overwhelmed the city, police and victims’ families, as there have been eight homicides in Kansas City just this last week alone.

After another deadly year..

Kansas City recorded its second highest rate of homicides in 2022, but a new program is underway with hopes of reducing violent crime in the metro.

One on One with Melesa Johnson

Deputy Chief of Staff in the Office of Mayor Quinton. Johnson also serves as the Mayor’s director of public safety.