Getting People Back On Track
In order for COMBAT to work effectively, we must make it easier for the right organizations to receive COMBAT funds, so that our programs are targeted for drug and violence prevention. Melesa will partner with more social service and community-focused organizations to maximize COMBAT’s success
  • Increase Access to COMBAT Funding
  • Establish New Programs for Violence Prevention & Intervention
  • Enhance Programs for Housing, Rehabilitation & Mentorship
Improving Investigations/Enhancing Investigations
Jackson County deserves a prosecutor who is not afraid to prosecute offenders or pursue cases that are not a slam dunk. By easing the evidentiary burden for processing cases, more victims can be heard in court.
  • Reduce Case Dismissals
  • Improve Access to Cell Phone Data Analysis
  • Utilize Software to Review Social Media for Evidence
  • Prosecute Fentanyl Distributors to Reduce Homicides
  • Continue Implementation of Focused Deterrence
Supporting Victims & Witnesses
Through her work advocating for victims, Melesa knows that supporting victims and their loved ones is at the heart of seeking justice. As prosecutor, Melesa will give victims a voice in court and better protect the witnesses who are willing to cooperate and help secure convictions.
  • Invest in Better Witness Protection
  • Educate Witnesses on Existing Legal Rights
  • Continue to Advocate for Victims & Their Families
Fighting Against Property Crime
Melesa will lead the charge against property crime by putting a whole new focus on thefts and property damage. A new division, with new resources, that actively engages our local community on issues related to property crime will be a top priority in Melesa’s office.
  • Create New Property Crimes Division
  • Offer Creative Restitution Options
  • Establish Law Student Clinic to Aid Prosecution
  • Promote Community Engagement & Theft Prevention
Bringing Community & Law Enforcement Together
Melesa has worked directly with our local law enforcement community more than any other candidate for prosecutor. She is uniquely positioned to support local police and rebuild trust throughout the community.
  • Build Working Relationships with Local Police
  • Address Evidentiary Insufficiencies Leading to Case Dismissals
  • Host Collaborative Trainings Between Detectives & Prosecutors
Diversifying the Prosecutor’s Office
If elected, Melesa would be the first Black County Prosecutor to serve Jackson County. She will create an office that is inclusive, reflects the diversity of our communities, and attracts the best talent.
  • Demonstrate Value of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Pursue & Cultivate Multi-Cultural Talent
  • Create Internship Opportunities for Students

Melesa Johnson