Inspired to Serve – Amplifying Our Voices & Creating Solutions

The Inspired to Serve Podcast aims to amplify the voices of civil servants, community activists, and visionary leaders striving to disrupt the norm of violence and make a positive change in our community. Here, we delve into their stories, hurdles, and successes, all in resonance with my vision as the prospective Jackson County prosecutor.

As I continue on the campaign journey, I am passionate about involving my community to find solutions to the issue of crime. We must remember that public safety requires community participation. A safer Jackson County is not just a possibility; it is an imperative. We cannot turn a blind eye to the challenges we face. We as a collective must confront them head-on with determination and a clear plan of action. This podcast is one way I plan to get the conversation started by featuring those individuals already doing the work. Together, we WILL create a safer Jackson County for all.


S1E1 – Alvin Brooks

S1E2 – Bob and Michelle Norris